Guide to booking the best airline seats

By | January 28, 2017

Book the best airline seat

We was created to help flyers recognize and understand the differences between airline seats and in-flight services. The following guide provides tips to help you secure the best seat on your flight.

Research options before booking.

There are several tools available to help the airline traveler make informed booking decisions. In addition to providing a list of flight options, most booking engines also provide the aircraft that each airline will travel and which seats will be available for each flight. Taking a few extra minutes to examine all this information can have a significant impact on your trip.

Look beyond the price. While the cost of an airline ticket is certainly important, considering only this factor in the booking can make you miss a better travel experience. While buying a cheaper ticket will save you money, it can cost you a more enjoyable trip with a better entertainment system, power port, or even a better seat. It is also important to remember that many airlines have started charging for extras, including checked baggage, preferred seats, early check-in and more. Once the factor in the cost of additional items, the cheapest flight can be much more expensive.

Compare the G-factor for each available flight. Now you can search for flights from within SeatGuru, and for each flight option we will show you the Guru Factor, or G-Factor. We’ve examined key elements that can affect your comfort on a flight, including legroom, flight service and entertainment, and then classify the flight using a three-point scale: Love It, Like It or Live With It The G-Factor takes the guesswork out of determining how comfortable it will be on a flight.

Compare seat pitch and width dimensions. The seat pitch (the distance from a point in a seat to the exact same point in the seat in front of or behind that seat) and the width (the distance between the armrest and the armrest) can vary greatly between the airlines and the type Of aircraft. While one or two additional inches of tone may not seem significant, it can make a big difference in terms of comfort and productivity. It usually means that your knees will not be touching the seat in front of you and you will be able to fully open the screen of your laptop. When comparing flights, be sure to check SeatGuru comparison charts to help you identify the differences between seat height and seat width. Select the System Comparison Charts section from the menu on the left and choose the chart that corresponds to the class of service you are flying. If you do not know what type of plane is going to fly, SeatGuru can help you find the type of plane and seat map for a particular flight.

Compare services in flight. Having a personal video display or power port to connect your laptop or DVD player can make any trip more enjoyable. It can help you relax, entertain children and help business travelers stay productive. Air carriers offer different types of services, especially for international travel. When comparing flights, be sure to check the SeatGuru Comparison Charts to help you identify differences in amenities during the flight. Select the Comparison Charts section in the menu on the left and choose the chart that corresponds to the class of service you are flying.

Compare seat availability. Most major booking engines allow you to see the availability of flight seats before selecting them for your itinerary. Make sure you view these availability maps and compare them with the seat map for that airline and plane at If the only seats that are available are red seats, or bad seats, on SeatGuru’s seat map, it may be worth booking a different flight.

Select a seat at the time of booking.

To get a preferred seat on an airplane, it is very important to select your seat as soon as possible. Most reserve engines and airlines allow you to select your seat at the time of purchase. Select the best seat available by comparing the seat map of the airline or booking engine with the corresponding seat map on SeatGuru. Even if your first choice seat is not available, select another option to make sure you have a seat assignment; It can usually be changed later.

If seat selection is not available when you book online, call the airline directly.

Time is the most important factor here, so call the airline immediately after you have completed your reservation online to make your seat selection with a telephone agent. Again, if your first choice seat is not available, select another seat and try to change it at a later date.

Confirm your seat assignment for the week you are flying.

Airlines sometimes change the type of aircraft near the departure date due to loading and maintenance factors. When these changes are made, the pre-reserved seats are reassigned and you could lose the seat you so carefully selected. In addition, airlines typically release seats that were previously unavailable for assignment. If you continue to check your flight and type of aircraft will increase your chances of maintaining the seat you want, and maybe even grab a better seat when one is available.

Register online.

Many airlines only allow exit rows and closing seats to be booked on the day of the flight. Using the online check-in, you can secure a better seat without having to arrive at the airport hours and hours before your flight. You can even check in online if you have bags to check! For more information about registering online, select the Registration tab at the top of the airline overview page at SeatGuru

Request a seat when updates are being processed at the door.

If the business and first class cabins are not full on your flight, the gate agents will update the passengers who are on the upgrade list. Often, the passengers who are improving have the elite status or are full-fare passengers. The economy seats these passengers are leaving behind are often the preferred seats. If you politely ask the door agent about your availability, you may have the opportunity to change your seat assignment to one of these available seats again.

Consider getting elite status on an airline.

Airlines often allow their elite-status customers to pre-book preferred seats, allowing the exit row and bulkhead seat to be secured well before flight day. If you think you will be flying enough miles in a given year to qualify for elite status, it may be worth booking with only one airline. Follow the mileage program links on each page of the SeatGuru general airline to find out the status requirements for each airline.


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